Bulaan Buruugaa Ngali, We Weave Together

Arts Northern Rivers has released Bulaan Buruugaa Ngali, We Weave Together, a special publication preserving weaving practices of Bundjalung women.

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Over the past four years, Arts Northern Rivers has conducted workshops where local weavers generously shared their knowledge and techniques with Aboriginal communities across the Bundjalung region. These workshops have united women from Bundjalung and beyond, revitalising age-old weaving practices. The publication captures the enduring reclamation journey, sharing stories of Elders, exploring historical museum collections, and outlining traditional plant species and harvesting techniques, inviting others to learn this ancient Bundjalung artform.

Written by acclaimed writer, producer, and director Rhoda Roberts AO, compiled and produced by Kylie Caldwell, and edited by Melissa Lucashenko, this publication foregrounds and empowers Indigenous voices, turning the dominant perspective back to First Nations women as practising artists. It also features an immanent woven prelude by Melissa Lucashenko, the winner of the Miles Franklin Award.

The publication offers a captivating exploration of the Bundjalung weavers’ traditions within the Northern Rivers of NSW, beautifully presented through a rich visual display. The stunning imagery, skillfully captured by acclaimed photographer Kate Holmes, along with the talented mentee photographer Kris Cook, showcases the intricate artistry and craftsmanship. Additionally, this publication provides a rare glimpse into the meticulously crafted baskets through archival imagery from Australian and International museum collections.

Elders and weavers Include: Aunty Irene Harrington, Aunty Julia Paden, Aunty Gwen Williams, Aunty Lauren Jarret, Aunty Margaret Torrens, Aunty Janelle Duncan, Theresa Bolt, Tania Marlowe, Kylie Caldwell, Bianca Monaghan, Kyrstal Randall, Maddy Grace Richey, Kyra Togo and Casino Wake Up Time.

Rhoda Roberts AO said,

“Everything is connected, as you will discover. With each story here, there resonates a different lens through which to explore the Bundjalung region and the lived experiences of the weavers. Our Bundjalung culture is central to our lives, and the women you will get to know here have made a significant contribution towards the first invaluable step, renewing our hearts and minds. They are encouraging those who reside on Country – and those who are provided for by Country – to join us and begin a new dialogue.”

The publication profits will ensure ongoing weaving engagement and programs for Artists, Elders and future generations.

For stockists enquiries please contact Publication Coordinator Sita McAlpine publication@artsnorthernrivers.com.au.

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